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  • Apr 21 2015
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The Pop-up Box appears when a customer first views your Home page, allowing you to reach out directly to everyone who visits.

A popular option is to use it to encourage Newsletter sign-ups - we've built the sign-up form right into the box. Alternatively, tell visitors about your big sale or your latest product arrivals. In this case you can add a Call-to-Action Button to link to the relevant page.

  1. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  2. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  3. Click Enable Pop-Up Box.
  4. Add a title and text to go in the box.
  5. Choose to include a Newsletter Sign-up form, a Button, or nothing. IMPORTANT: To make the sign-up form work, you also need to set up Email Marketing in the Marketing settings.
  6. If you chose a Button, enter the text you want on it (Shop Now!, View Products!, etc) and paste in the page link address.
  7. Add 1 to the Version Number to make sure everyone sees your Pop-up.
  8. Click Save Settings at the top right of the page.

Version Number. Having lots of pop-ups can get annoying for a customer, so your Pop-up box will only ever appear once on any particular computer or device (including your own!). After that the computer will remember that it has already shown the box and keep it hidden.

Of course, if you change the content of your Pop-up, perhaps to announce a sale, then you'll want everyone to see it - not just first-timers. In this case you just need to add 1 to the Version Number. Computers will then recognize that this is a new Pop-up and show it.

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