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  • Mar 1 2015
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The Product Filter is great for helping buyers cut down a large list of products into a manageable selection, and so boosting your sales. Build filter groups such as Brand, Color and Price.

  1. Choose or create the Categories that you want to appear in the filter and add Products just like normal in the dashboard (eg. specific brands, colors, etc). You can stop these categories from appearing in the main menu if you wish (see Step 9). The Price Filter works automatically - you don't need categories for that.
  2. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  3. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  4. Click

    Enable Product Filter.

  5. Copy your Default Sort Order setting

    Your default order is chosen in Settings > General Settings > Product Settings > Availibility & Sorting. Please match that setting.
  6. Click Add First Filter Group.
  7. Enter a Title for the Filter Group (Brand, Size, etc).
  8. One by one, add the Categories that you want to include in the Filter Group. For each Category you need to enter the URL Handle and the Display Text. The URL Handle is the version of the category name that is used in the web page address. You can find it on the Category Edit page - Catalog > Categories > Edit Category. Make sure you copy it exactly!
  9. If you want, click the box to hide this Category from appearing in the main menu. For example, you might want Brands showing in the main navigation but not colors. Only level 1 categories can be hidden.
  10. Add more Filter Groups as required (up to 3).
  11. Filter by Color works just like the normal groups, by creating and adding Categories. Each Category should be a specific color (red, blue, etc). For each category you can choose a color to appear on the button in the Filter Menu. The Color Picker lets you select the exact shade you want.
  12. The Product Price Filter works automatically. You just need to switch it on (right at the bottom!).

IMPORTANT: The Filter App works by remembering which products are in which categories. This information is updated every 12 hours (approx.), meaning that when you add a product to a category, it takes up to 12 hours before that change will show up in the Product Filter.

The Filter App hides any Filter Groups that it thinks are completely empty of products.

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